The Building

The historic antique building where the Residence Marchesi Pontenani is located has survived to events and seen the city of Florence evolved
throughout centuries from the Roman time. Trade of evidence appeared in the building, some more visible than others, where its foundation rest.

Reconstructed during the medieval time when Florence was a republic the building became a shelter for those who arrived from Tuscany looking for hospitality and a place to eat. This was a vast area that extended until via Malcontenti where Palazzo Pontenani and became one of the main reference points.

During Medicea time, part of the building was used as a hospital. For years Cosimo Dei Medici continued to use it as a guest house.

With the advent of Lorena, there were new changes. The Granduca Pietro Leopoldo entrusted the building to Marquis Alessandro Pontenan, his minister of finance who was originally from Aretina (in the Arezzo province, from the city hall of Talla, there is a small town called Pontenano).

Even though the building has been renovated, it preserves the same architecture and characteristics from the Leopoldina era.